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I have posted a new photo essay,  "April 2017 in Eastern, NC"  Find it in the gallery tab above.  While traveling up to Ocracoke, I found myself avoiding 'tourist' shots on the way and got home with a good collection of rural, coastal, scenic shots including a number of indigenous local built work boats.   My one nod to the tourist shot is the iconic Ocracoke Lighthouse from 1893.

"Sailing"  has a well  developed pic of a Herreschoff 14 (same as Buzzard's Bay 12.5) and "All the rest" has a new photo of "Fontana Lodge"

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This is the current featured photo.    It  changes from time to time and comments on it will be provided.    In the gallery "April 2017 Eastern NC"       Click on it to locate and enlarge it.

"Ocracoke Light 1823"  was shot on April 9, 2017, in Ocracoke facing generally North at about 11 a.m.  The rest of this gallery exhibits lots of scenic shots there and along the route.

Shot with Canon 7D  and Tamron 24-70mm  lens.

Details for interested photographers:

ISO 200,  lens at 24 mm  (equivalent to 38mm  in  35mm format).

f/11 to max out depth of field with shutter at 1/800 sec, hand held and no flash.

Lightroom 6 effects:  Careful balance of white/black points and high lights and shadows.  Simple color enhancements with contrast added to bring clouds out bright and reduce haze.

Please click it to enlarge.

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