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Herreshoff 14

Nathanael Greene Herreshoff found in a shop in Maine.
Two of them....

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"Herreshoff 14""  was shot on July 10, 2015.    I was in East Blue Hill, Maine to join a boat headed south.  This was a rural boatyard.....iced over for up to 3 months a year.  The boatyard's sheds stored these and other boats.  Otherwise only seen in museums.

This shot was in a shed, no flash, just indoor lighting.  Dirt floor,  plastic liners to keep condensation limited.

Shot with Canon 7D  and Tamron 24-70mm  lens.

Details for interested photographers:

ISO 1600,  lens at 24 mm  (equivalent to 38mm  in  35mm format).

f/4.5 with shutter at 1/40 sec, hand held and no flash.

Lightroom 6 effects:  Careful balance of white/black points and high lights and shadows.  Contrast adjustment to capture indoor highlights.    Color enhancements, some split toning adjustment.   Some local adjustments to bring up wood colors and grain.

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