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Glendonfest 2016

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There is a new gallery, Glendonfest-2016...a photo essay of a rural NC music festival.  The pics will speak well of themselves....

There are mid-winter campus scenes from UNC (January 2016 ) which focus around Polk and McCorkle Places .  I also left some good fall shots from last October.   They are popular with my visitors.  These are in "All the Rest"

There are a number of early November scenes from a motorcycle tour of far western N.C. found in the 'Motorcycling" gallery.

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This is the current featured photo.    It  changes from time to time and comments on it will be provided.    Posted in "Glendonfest 2016".        Click on it to locate and enlarge it.

"Glendonfest 2016"  was shot on April 23 to 24,  2016.    I was  visiting a rural music festival located on a mid-nineteenth century  farm of 22 acres near Glendon, NC.  Music was staged on the front porch of the vintage home with pastures on both sides.  I found myself finger fumbling to change to telephoto before the horse walked out of the frame!

This was shot around 7:30 p.m facing  South.

Advantage of soft westerly light coming in through tall mature trees.

Shot with Canon 7D and Tamron 70-200mm   lens.

Details for interested photographers:

ISO 1250,  lens at 135mm (equivalent to 212mm  in  35mm format).

f/4.5 with shutter at 1/160 sec and hand held.  

Lightroom 6 effects:  Careful balance of white/black points and highlights/shadows due to low light level.  Background needed darkening to save detail.  Obvious green enhancement to "paint in" background.  Slight Red and yellows to warm the foreground.

Please click it to enlarge.

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